Frequenty Asked Questions

Excellence, Authenticity, and Community at the Heart of Every Project

Frequenty Asked Questions

Excellence, Authenticity, and Community at the Heart of Every Project
Frequenty Asked Questions2024-05-17T08:28:58+00:00

Your Questions Answered

Accredited Roofing FAQ

Choosing the right roofing company is crucial. With over 20 years of service in Caseyville, IL, Accredited Roofing focuses on excellence, authenticity, and community service.

We specialize in damage repair, roof replacements, and insurance claims for storm damage, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction on all projects with over 7,000 successful jobs.

This FAQ page covers the most common questions about our services, insurance claims process, and team expertise. If you need more information, please contact us directly. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

  • Warranty Protection

  • Specialize In Insurance Claims

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Is a down payment required?2024-05-10T17:02:39+00:00

NO! ACCREDITED ROOFING considers your signed contract as a firm commitment from you to do the work agreed upon. Unlike our competitors, we don’t feel a deposit is required to keep your commitment. We feel our customer service and quality workmanship will ensure your commitment. Payment is not required until you are 100% satisfied with the roof project.

Why is our name ACCREDITED ROOFING?2024-05-10T17:00:56+00:00

ACCREDITED ROOFING is officially named after the large number of credentials that it carries. We pride ourselves on being the most highly certified roofing, siding, and guttering contractors in the area. We are family owned and operated. We have become the one of largest roofing company in the Metro East area and now growing fast in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Our dedication to a quality product with superior customer service is the key to our success.

Why do I have to wait so long to get my roof done?2024-05-10T17:00:33+00:00

Roofing replacements are very labor and equipment intensive. It is very difficult to find quality people to do this work and a large investment to produce a successful roofing company. Overcoming these obstacles is extremely difficult and that limits entry into this field. Most roofing companies do not follow state and local regulations, this neglect catches up with them and they end up out of business.

When will work be scheduled for my home?2024-05-10T17:00:09+00:00

Scheduling occurs at the contract signing. Generally it will be one to four weeks from this time. If you have special concerns, please make your representative aware of them.

Do you work in winter?2024-05-10T16:59:46+00:00

YES! Work is completed throughout the winter months. The manufactures warranty does apply if warmer than 35 degrees on the roof. If shingles blow off that have not sealed, ACCREDITED ROOFING will replace under its warranty free of charge. Again, your home will only be uncovered for less than a day in most cases.

What if it starts raining in the middle of the job?2024-05-10T16:59:22+00:00

Our crews are each equipped with their own tarps which they will cover the roof in its entirety if it begins to rain. All openings will be secured to lessen the chance of rain entering the home.

How long will it take?2024-05-10T16:58:55+00:00

Most jobs should be completed in less than two days. Larger homes or roofs with a steep pitch can take more time.

Is there any thing I should do to prepare for your arrival?2024-05-10T16:58:27+00:00

Be sure to have all vehicles moved from the driveway on the day work is scheduled to begin.

It is best to have any breakables, i.e. ceramic figures, mirrors, etc., either secured to the wall or removed all together. It is also advisable to have similar items removed from landscaping.

If 1’x decking is present, cover any items in attic with plastic, otherwise they will be covered with dust.

What should I expect?2024-05-10T16:58:03+00:00

As with any remodeling project, it will be very loud with lots of motorized equipment. It will also be messy while under construction. Large amounts of employees will be around the project as well. However, most projects are completed in one to two days, larger projects taking a little longer.

Do I have to lock up my Dogs?2024-05-10T16:57:40+00:00

YES! It is best to put all pets inside during the re-roofing project.

Are we union?2024-05-10T16:56:48+00:00

NO! We offer our employees a benefit package that exceeds that of the union. If you treat employees fairly and honestly along with following the employment laws, your employees appreciate that and would rather keep the money in their pockets than those of union organizers

What if I have special concerns?2024-05-10T16:56:08+00:00

If you have a special concern, you may handle it in several ways. During you initial phone call, you can explain the situation to the representative and they will log it accordingly. Upon signing your contract, you may make a special note under the options section of your contract. We will also make any adjustment upon arrival.

What experience do your workers have?2024-05-10T16:55:27+00:00

Our workers are the most experienced in the area. WHY? Because our employees work on roofing jobs all day, everyday! Full time roofers doing nothing but roofing. We don’t have carpenters who sometimes doing roofing like most other companies. Each of our foremen has at least ten (10) years of individual experience. Our 7 member crews has over 50 years of experience.

We spend more time training each employee to exceed manufacturer standards than any other company in the area. We believe in being leaders in the industry by keeping all of our employees up to date on latest technology.

About Accredited Roofing

Founded in 2003, Accredited Roofing has proudly served the Caseyville, IL community for over 20 years. Our mission is to provide top-quality roofing services while upholding our core values of excellence, authenticity, and community service. We specialize in damage repair, roof replacements, and handling insurance claims for storm damage. With a team of full-time roofers, each with over 10 years of experience, we guarantee 100% satisfaction on all projects.

At Accredited Roofing, our commitment to community service and integrity drives everything we do. We have successfully completed over 7,000 projects and saved our clients more than $2.5 million in insurance claims. Our story of growth is linked to resilience and a deep understanding of our community’s needs.

We use state-of-the-art systems and are partnered with CertainTeed to ensure the highest quality results. Our emphasis on happiness, love, forgiveness, taking chances, and valuing life reflects in our work and relationships with our clients.

Whether you need a free damage investigation, comprehensive claim handling, or expert roofing advice, Accredited Roofing is here to help. Trust us to protect your home and bring you peace of mind.

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